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With this entry level plan,
Search engines will find you.
Your site will generate traffic.
Qualified leads will increase.
Sales will be made. Profits will rise.
Your business will grow.


A $980 start-up fee, and first & last month “rent” as we like to call it, get you going. No contract.

Plan includes (click on the items for more details):

Sign-up today, for less than $12/day,
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Get a professional web team working for you.

Get found, generate traffic, grow your business.

Get ready to dominate online.


Monthly. No contract.


Includes everything from the Essential Plan.
Additional online growth is fuelled by content.
Great content. Timely content. Social content.
It starts with the Blog. Two posts a month.
We support it with the right Social Media channel.
Up to 300 monthly interactions.
Spike it with an email marketing campaign…
You will dominate. Online.


A $980 start-up fee, and first & last month “rent” as we like to call it, get you going. No contract.

Plan includes (click on the items for more details):

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Content is King. And this plan is all about content.

Monthly blogging will highlight your expertise.

Social media interactions will support content and drive traffic.

Email marketing keeps you in contact with those who matter.


Monthly. No contract.

Your web site will look great
on all platforms.
All Platforms
Social Media Channels
Social Media
Built on the world’s largest
Wordpress open-source

Content + Engagement = Growth

This simple formula will help you become a trusted source with both customers and prospects. But this type of engagement takes time. Different engagement techniques can be used to accelerate this process. That’s why we offer “à la carte” Inbound Marketing services.


By promoting your company through blogs, newsletters, emails, social media and other forms of content marketing, you want visitors to find you on the web, like what they see, and eventually become customers. The combination of these techniques is known as Inbound Marketing. And that’s where our expertise comes in.  

Per Campaign Pricing.


Getting great leads is the lifeblood of any good business. And getting those visitors to take a certain desired action is what the landing page does. Is it working? Let check the stats… Landing page optimization is one of the best ways to convert visitors to customers and increase revenues.


To increase your website traffic (short term) purchasing ads on search engines is the way to go. However, good site SEO is a must for a successful PPC campaign. A solid marketing strategy would include both SEO (Organic) and PPC (Paid).


The easiest way to keep your customers coming back for more. Send professional looking emails that get the word out about your business, promote special offers and send out invitations for your special nights. Your online domination should start here.


As we all know, social media is everywhere! And for a business trying to get the word out social media is the way to go. Great for customer service, instant feedback and two-way communication. Powerful tools to extend the reach and traffic of your website, blog and newsletters. Start small and let it grow!


Blogging is probably the smartest thing you can do for your business. For a number of reasons: it drives traffic to your site, it helps establish authority in your market, and finally it drives long-term results. Think of it this way – blogging dominates online.


Videos are huge. You know that. You watch videos everyday. Business videos increase your credibility and trust factor. They will also make you standout against your competition. And they will accelerate your sales cycle. Great for the bottom line. Videos work!

Dominatum is the smartest investment you’ll ever make in your company.

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